Mario and Claudia Clark

"Last year, we moved to Austin and wanted to rent a property. We contacted Liz and told her the area where we were interested in living. She was a great help! She is so dedicated and always patient! She gave us a valuable and honest opinion about all of the condos we viewed. The place we ultimately went with was amazing and exactly what we wanted. We loved it! When we were ready to become home owners, we immediately contacted Liz. After briefly explaining to her what we were looking for, it took her no time to find potential properties. We viewed several houses until we found the perfect one for us! We love Liz's positive attitude and that she is always available and willing to help. Liz being the bilingual was a tremendous perk since English isn't our first language. We are so glad we met her, she is a hard worker and an amazing, charismatic person! I recommended her to two other friends and they were equally as satisfied as we were!"